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Letter of Pre-Qualification and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Please fill out our online form COMPLETELY and print from your browser.  Fax to us at (619) 568-3100


Thank you for your interest in our one of our businesses for sale.  Before we can disclose specific and confidential information on this business, we need you to provide us with some financial information.  You also agree not to disclose the subsequent financial information you will be given without written permission from The RIBOC Group. Once received, we will contact you with any additional information we will need or to give you all the information that you have requested on this business. 


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Street: Apt or Unit:
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Phone: Fax:

Name and address of businesses that you currently own or have owned in the past 2 years:

If you have no experience as a business owner, please give a short explanation of why you are interested in this particular business and what skills you possess to make it succeed:

Money Available for Purchase:




Is any part of the down payment coming from a family member? Yes No
Do you have additional working capital available for the first 3 months? Yes No
If so, how much?

By signing below you agree to the following terms and conditions:  1) All information provided above is true and accurate; 2) When visiting the premises, we will not talk the owners, employees or customers of the business; 3) We will not share or disclose any information that we receive; 4) We will not enter into negotiations with the Seller without the assistance of The RIBOC Group; doing so may result in my being liable for the minimum commission of $10,000.00