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Business Check Up $195
Private and confidential look at your business, with no holds barred. What condition your business is in compared to others. If you are thinking about selling in the next few years, I will give you suggestions on what to improve to increase the value of your business. This meeting will be an eye opener and one that will change how you view and run your business. I promise you, no soliciting for you to sell your business as that is not the purpose of this meeting.

I have owned multiple businesses, consulting to all types of small businesses. As the Broker of The RIBOC Group, I see business owners that sell their companies for lots of money and owners that practically have to give their company away for free. I will show you what you need to do to avoid giving it away free and getting your company in a position to sell for a good profit!

This is absolutely the best $195 you'll spend to get an objective view of your business from someone who sees the good and bad of business ownership.

BSBO (Business Sale by Owner)
Are you in the middle of a private sale or transfer and need some help from a Business Broker? If you already have the terms and conditions spelled out and just need some help on the process, you can pay us to consult on an as needed basis. Please contact me for more information and an estimate of fees based on your situation. It is my goal to keep the costs down and thus saving you from wasting money.

Please contact me for further information.

Carolina Shreve - Broker
Phone: (858) 292-5577

"Choose RIGHT, Choose RIBOC"

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