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Consulting - Buyers

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2nd Opinion - $195
Already find a business to your liking? Need another opinion of the businesses worth and the risks involved? Before you spend tens, hundreds, even thousands of dollars or more, pay $195 and get some priceless information and evaluation. I will talk about what can be improved and what can't. Doing it before you actually buy the business is the best time.

The first step in building a great business is picking the right one at the beginning. Buyers are dreamers, but can your dreams come true? There are some deadly mistakes that new business buyers make while blinded by desire. You need a reasonable independent opinion from a person removed from you ambition. This is it and the best $195 you will spend. I promise you, no soliciting for you to use us as your agent in your purchase as that is not the purpose of this meeting. I have owned multiple businesses, consulting to all types of small businesses. As the Broker of The RIBOC Group, I see buyers that make the right decision as well as the buyers that are over their head from day one.

Please contact me for further information.

Carolina Shreve - Broker
Phone: (858) 292-5577

"Choose RIGHT, Choose RIBOC"

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