Book of the Month

Book of the Month

December's Book

"Why We Buy, The Science of Shopping"

If you are a business owner or thinking of becoming a business owner and you deal with the public, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!

The author, Paco Underhill is an expert and consultant to many large corporations and he basically gets paid a lot of money to study how consumers interact when they are in your store. He shares his insights in this book and some of these lessons are invaluable.

As most people know, women shop differently than men but there is a lot more that goes into that. Women hate the butt bump which occurs when isles are too close together and after a few bumps they leave and you lose a sale. Recently I was at a very popular Wine Bar and a similar thing happened to me. I was sitting at the bar with a friend and my bar stool was situated on the end but on a thoroughfare that you had to pass to get to some tables which were behind me. Time after time, people bumped into me while attempting to get back to their table. Finally, I had enough and I left and I took my money with me. This logistic problem could be fixed easily as this book suggests.

Reading this book should change the way you look at every customer that comes into your shop, restaurant, salon, or whatever type of store you have.

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